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Love Is A Verb

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20 October
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Alright..soo. I felt like making a totally new journal. My old one was getting well..old and I didn't let anyone read it.

Here's my mini-bio. My name is Kiersten, but some people call me Kiwi. I'm 17 years old. My parents are so awesome (most of the time) and my friends are the best. They're definitely better than your friends. I don't handle death too well, but really - who does? Maybe a cold heartless person but I'm definitely not one of those. I'm told that I'm realllllly sweet and I think I'm too nice sometimes. I can be a huge bitch at times and I'm sure a lot of people found that out. I used to live in Dunmore but now I'm up in Nicholson. I <3 NEPA even if a lot of people hate it. There's probably not another place like it. I don't plan on spending my entire life here but it's a nice place to grow up.

One last thing - I love Incubus!

Queer Eye <3


i <3 the fab 5

Paul and Morgan Hamm are Twin Love!
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My Chemical Romance is Sweet Revenge Love
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